Forensic Artist Tricia Blair

(239) 216-7000


Tricia Blair is based in

Southwest Florida and available

to law enforcement agencies in Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties.


                              ...sometimes a composite sketch can add a piece to the puzzle.


    Forensic art is useful to law enforcement in assisting with suspect identification.  Composite sketches are created from the descriptions of victims and witnesses.  The public's input can be invaluable in helping identify wanted persons. Also, the victim's involvement in putting a face on a suspect can be instrumental in their healing process.


    Facial reconstruction can lead to recognition and identification of subjects who have only been known as John or Jane Doe.  Age or growth progressed renderings can assist in long term missing person cases.


Forensic art services include:


Facial Reconstruction from Unidentified Skulls


Composite Sketches from Victim / Witness Descriptions


Age Progressed Renderings of Long Term Missing Persons


Post-Mortem Sketches